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There are several restaurants in the city. As it is difficult to explain all the of them we offer a list for you. You can reach naearly everything by foot, maybe just ask or make the search.

Right on the road to the Taoro Parque

* Park Cafe
here there are some dishes, even little things at reasonable prices

* La Moneta
(Menu hanging out) with a beautiful garden …. normal prices

* ‘Alberto’s
Sunset or drinking coffee … a must parallel the Taora Park goes left a small street off before the yellow Hotel Tigaiga

* Café Restaurant Taoro
beautiful view, next to the stairs (waterfall) walk towards the city

* Risco Bello
right in front of the staircase, great idyllic garden (the coffee is not highly recommended, super delicious mango juice … maybe with vanilla ice cream?

* Bar Faro
Still a nightcap at Martin?
(Open from 17 clock) In addition to the supermarket opposite the entrance of the Apartmentos La Chiripa, very nice host, here you will also meet Spaniards, reasonable prices

it from our system max. 15 minute walk into town.
The center is the Plaza del Charco, in its small radius can be found, inter alia, the following restaurants:..

* Los Gemelos
somewhat hidden, super fish platter, good Canarian cuisine

* Don Camillo
go through very good Italian, nice place to sit outside, Calle Lomo, then the right hand

* El Patio
directly opposite of Don Camillo

* Templo del Vino
German farmers, Calle Lomo

* Kafka
Spanish owner / chef from the mainland, Calle verte

* Compostelana
(Check for menu) pizza, pasta, tapas, etc. directly on the Plaza del Charco

* La Marea
recommended various menus (above the Compostelana’s)

* La Herrería
Calle Cologan 7, typical Canarian and international cuisine (Chef operated)

And just outside:
* Tambo
good fish restaurant at the Punta Brava, terrace overlooking the water, fine cuisine

* El Monasterio
A must !!
Old monastery with various restaurants, on top of the Al Campo at the roundabout (fountain) right out, about 1 km high, after a long curve immediately to the right.

* Tito Bodeguita
Tapas restaurant with a beautiful garden (motorway exit 35, at the roundabout immediately right and right again, old Canarian building, white stones)

cafes and more

* Ebano Café
good cake, delicious wine and tapas, right in the Plaza Iglesia

* Creperia Advans
delicious cakes and small dishes (side street from Plaza Iglesia)

* Cafe Alba
good cakes and tapas, in La Paz, right above the sea, wonderful views of the sea and seawater swimming pool

* Cafe Yucca
La Paz, top right, if you run up the stairs to Supermercado Martianes down, German owner, homemade cakes

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